Choosing the Right Breakdown Cover

If you own a car, you’ll know that there are regular costs associated. From petrol to road tax to repairs, it can get expensive, and that’s before you even consider the necessary car insurance that is required.

In 2017, the annual average premium for car cover came in at £530, according to the AA. That is a considerable cost and is probably the most you’ll need to pay out apart from the cost of buying your car. So, you want the cheapest cover, but does that mean you should leave some things out, such as roadside recovery cover? Definitely not, and here’s why:

Optional cover: Necessary Requirement

Although breakdown cover is usually an option on your policy, deciding not to have it can leave you vulnerable to other issues and high costs associated with vehicle breakdown recovery. The last thing you want is to be stranded on a country road in the depths of winter, looking at the steaming engine in front of you.

Affordable cover is available

There are a range of basic policies that start around £60 a year, so it’s certainly affordable to have some kind of breakdown cover. If you do a lot of night driving, or use your vehicle for business, you may want to look into more comprehensive cover. This can cost upwards of £100. The most cost-effective cover is an add-on to your main policy, but you can also acquire stand-alone cover. It’s worth taking the time to check and compare the deals available to find what is most suitable for your needs.

What to consider

Once you have sensibly decided to take out breakdown cover, there are always some important considerations, including:


Is the cover just for one car, or do you have other vehicles that need cover? It’s generally cheaper to insure yourself rather than a number of vehicles.
“Pay peanuts…” The cheaper the policy, the more limited the cover. This can be more expensive in the long-run.
Are you covering other family members? It is easier and cheaper to add family members to one policy, rather than taking out separate ones.
Response times – if you want a quick response time, then pay for better cover. Or call a trusted vehicle breakdown assistance company such as LM Recovery.
Breakdowns near homes – basic policies normally won’t cover vehicle assistance within half a mile of your home. More comprehensive policies will cover breakdown assistance that starts at your home and covers everywhere.
Call out restrictions – some policies will have a restriction on the number of call-outs allowed in one year. If you have a car that is prone to breaking down, you may want to check the policy, or speak to a company such as LM Recovery about regular car servicing.

Do you already have cover?

You may already have cover for roadside recovery but not be aware of it. Some financial products such as credit cards include free insurance such as breakdown cover. If you do have cover, check how comprehensive it is and you could save money.

Vehicle Breakdown Assistance in Motherwell, Airdrie and Glasgow

Whatever your cover, LM Recovery are a trusted provider of roadside recovery in Lanarkshire. Call LM Recovery today on 01698 269 949 and we will get you back on the road in no time!


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